Handle Control Descender XD 8604


Name:  handle descender
Material:  7075 aircraft grade aluminum
Size: width5.7cm   length22cm
Color: silver blue red
Net weight: 345g
Certification: CE 1019   EN341
For the diameter of rope:  9-12mm
Multipurpose:  climbing  expanding fire fighting  working at height  caving  hanging etc
Instructions:  01 Connect the descender to the load bearing ring
                       02 Turn the plate
                       03 Run the rope through
                      04 Close the plate and check
                      05 Hold the rope with your right hand and press the handle  to the most speed is adjusted by                              the right hand
                     06 Rig the rope as shown
                     07 Rig the rope with your hands holding tight as shown
                     08 It is safe after the rigging
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Handle Control  Xinda,

Terbuat dari material allumunium 7075, yang biasa di gunakan untuk pesawat dengan diameter tali yang cukup besar 9-12 mm menjadikan handle control Xinda menjadi salah satu peralatan yang terbaik dalam kegiatan climbing.